Coding system based on high resolution printing technology HP:
Innovative encoding product, maintenance-free. High resolution Inkjet printer (HP).
The high-resolution HP printing technology Inkjet printers employ proven Thermal-Ink-jet technology.

Print on everything:
The ink has been formulated in view of innovative applications on non-porous materials.
This ink has proved being ideal for printing on various types of plastic, metal and even glass.
The solvent-based formula allows quick drying on non-absorbent substrates.
PrimeX ink has excellent decap time avoiding the quick dry on the printing head.
The PrimeX is provided in HP 45si new cartridge specially designed for use with solvent-based inks.

Lifetime warranty:
Before and after sale reliability and service ensured.
Presently required by companies.

CICRESPI offers exactly this and confirms it by offering a lifetime warranty on all inkjet products.
Problems? We are ready to completely replace the product under warranty at no cost, whether it was bought recently or long time ago.