About Us

Our Mission:
Designing, manufacturing, integrating and providing support systems for identification, traceability and safety of products and their production processes. Ensuring the right solutions that perfectly meet the customers’ need, anticipating and promoting changes in technology and market.


Our values:
– Passion
– Reliability
– Ethics

What we do:
Since 1910 CICRESPI designs, manufactures and defines along with the client standard or customized, innovative, integrated solutions for packaging and primary or secondary packaging types. It provides decentralized services for production, warehouses and logistics through ITS technologies. Designs intelligent environments with IT networks, wireless, RFID communications, automation and robotics.


Made with standardized tools for easy data sharing between multiple operators. On the basis of specific targets, there are employed linear and two dimensional bar codes, RFID tags and systems, on and off-line printers, automated labelling and more. The systems made by CICRESPI allow acquisition of encoded data, their organization and transmission, the repeated identification and use along with guaranteed life duration.


Created with sensors and readers, wired or wireless communications infrastructure, flow control with PLC or PC and dedicated software.


Production and supply chain for brand and health protection along with physical safety of the user. Obtained through in-line Quality Control solutions meant to verify the presence of foreign bodies, to ensure weight and level conformity when packaged, seal integrity,products authenticity by using tracers and anti-counterfeiting and tamper-preventing special materials. With the utmost advanced ITS technologies meant to enable in-motion codes management, CICRESPI guarantees each product a safe path of traceability from manufacturer towards the user and vice-versa.